My love,

Listen to the sing I sing,

One laden with praise,

Adoration and accolades,

Of your vanquishments,

Not setbacks.

I groan like a wounded lion,

Thinking of the pain,

Pain from a loss,

That cannot be described,

One so emotional, yet poignant,

Even the brave cannot endure,

The loss of you, my beloved.

I keep asking questions,

Like an examiner to his students,

Expecting answers,

That never seem to appear,

Only your return can do the trick,

I turn to prayers ,

Only to hear,

I have to have faith,

Trying to emulate,

The father of many nations,

To no avail.

The medics are my next stop,

Back with an assortment

Of the world’s finest medicine

All these I ask

Can they bring you back?

From the land of the lost,

Who had secured places in people’s hearts.

In all I have done,

It sounds like insanity,

But being insane because of

Someone you love,

Does not bother me,

For that will one day bring you back.


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